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Artist Statement

Cindy Uriostegui, Visual Artist 

The process of creating is a form of self-healing and personal self-realization. As I progress through life the subjects of my work evolve with me. Through the exploration of identity, adaptability, and the effects of the environment on a subject we become more aware of core spaces in ourselves. One can be removed from an environment but the conditions of that environment have already been woven and carved into their innermost identity. The circumstances in which we are placed significantly impact our perceptions of who we are and how we navigate through realms.


In an attempt to conform, to ease day-to-day interactions, there is an internal conflict within one’s self-awareness of identity and self-image. These identities become blurred and distorted perceptions of who we are, where we come from, and how we should act. Diluted and generalized within the realms we try to connect to. To find belonging in areas where barriers of race, gender, and language are created we begin to lose ourselves in the process of surviving. Grieving what we have lost during our performance of the everyday. The inability to communicate with one another through language and body. Still, It is through these experiences that individuals can introspectively break from these cycles heal from these traumas, and disrupt the everyday.

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